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steamid Player Name Unban time Ban Reason Banned By Date
STEAM_0:1:87274912 Saddam Hussein 11/11/2018 12:52 PM spam Slicks Out
STEAM_0:1:54295600 ♥ I LOVE BITCHYMAGS ♥ 11/27/2018 10:51 PM MASS CDM Apollyon
STEAM_0:1:79106161 :) 01/03/2019 06:29 PM Hacks and proof killslick
STEAM_0:0:56573861 iPaleo Permanent Get out of here you troll | [HZ]SFC. Subzero
STEAM_0:0:42393265 [Ratzone] MSgtWoldking2 Permanent Fail [HZ]Cpl. [🔒]RickyBGamez
STEAM_0:0:23622332 [Ratzone] General mcdeg Permanent Fail [HZ]Cpl. [🔒]RickyBGamez
STEAM_0:1:47688702 evan Permanent Troll | PERMA | Appeal it on the fucking forums [HZ]Cpl. [🔒]RickyBGamez
STEAM_0:1:56380293 MinnesotaJeb Permanent TOS killslick
STEAM_0:0:194296777 Calvin The PIMPmunk Permanent You fucking done bud [HZ]SFC. Subzero
STEAM_0:0:191962129 Talkin Tom Permanent Fail rp fat fuck Slicks Out
STEAM_0:1:194240228 Tim Taylor Permanent Account #3 [HZ]SFC. Subzero
STEAM_0:1:197717476 ClydeIsTheName Permanent Troll [HZ]SFC. Subzero
STEAM_0:1:54089361 GoproMgH Permanent You're a troll too, Enjoy never being unbanned bitch [HZ]SFC. Subzero
STEAM_0:0:52502730 fastvincent1 Permanent Minge | TROLL [HZ]SFC. Subzero
STEAM_0:1:147531802 Senor Vac Permanent DMCA [HZ]SFC. Subzero
STEAM_0:1:43018458 sizzly Permanent failrp killslick
STEAM_0:1:191704411 yungslive Permanent DMCA [HZ]SFC. Subzero
STEAM_0:0:37938959 LiL pUmP $g&g$ Permanent fail all around and has bad ban history killslick
STEAM_0:1:150043274 ChocoSoupMallow Permanent Struck Out: RDM mayor [HZ]Spc. The Brocenary
STEAM_0:1:172426352 Leifeee Permanent minge trouble maker killslick
STEAM_0:1:29896074 Creamy Permanent You wanna be a troll, Make an appeal on the forums [HZ]SFC. Subzero
STEAM_0:1:171451900 Toxic Gaming Permanent DCing during RP | DC for Car | Repeated warnings killslick
STEAM_0:0:29116290 yung Permanent minge rule killslick
STEAM_0:0:58841321 sinimʊs™ Permanent alts say goodgye killslick
STEAM_0:1:104762062 gun Permanent Yea you did it this times perm not lifted killslick
STEAM_0:1:104343205 Black Asian Goats Permanent alts say goodbye killslick
STEAM_0:0:80778092 pranky67 Permanent nice break for trying to launch fire and rdm killslick
STEAM_0:1:105614609 The 360 Fish Permanent rdm killslick
STEAM_0:0:163697260 Jayceon Jackson Permanent alts killslick
STEAM_0:0:80922832 Tom Bone {GetBoned} Permanent Paypal fraud chargeback ufet using items killslick
STEAM_0:1:68866791 I GOT VAC BANED FOR CSGO HACKS Permanent Struck Out: That could of crashed the server. [HZ]SSG. DeerSlayer [TA]
STEAM_0:1:87447393 DivineSpring Permanent Struck out [Struck out [Struck Out: RDM Safe Zone] killslick
STEAM_0:0:41515112 frank Permanent mass RDM left killslick
STEAM_0:1:151998403 HAXOR Permanent Mass CDM x3 | DC to avoid Sit x2 [HZ]Spc. HolyCow -BewBs-
STEAM_0:1:93949226 Jericho Permanent hacks confirmed using killslick
STEAM_0:1:78889898 Britfag Permanent hacks killslick
STEAM_0:1:105287014 FettyWapsEye Permanent true fail and troll be, gone troll. killslick
STEAM_0:1:28402706 (1)Animal Mother Permanent Past troll stay off killslick
STEAM_0:1:66244981 Animal Mother Permanent past troll stay off killslick
STEAM_0:0:49040104 Labyrinth Permanent Not allowed to run perp killslick
STEAM_0:0:150251305 GreyHairBob Permanent mass rdm no rp killslick
STEAM_0:0:99589469 $p/ Ky Permanent Risk Paypal fraud killslick
STEAM_0:1:50968217 Deadzero Permanent Reason forgot
STEAM_0:1:191492852 Pyshxktroxjhuv Permanent Troll Group [HZ]Cpl. [🔒]RickyBGamez
STEAM_0:0:201737810 Randy Tandy Permanent fail name forgot
STEAM_0:1:201512334 Rigly Thompkins Permanent STEAM_0:1:201512334 killslick
STEAM_0:0:194646521 BobbyBill Permanent Reason forgot
STEAM_0:1:192418651 Stankymane Permanent Troll Group [HZ]Cpl. [🔒]RickyBGamez
STEAM_0:0:78196935 Leif Manneström Permanent Fail RP cop bait minge all around killslick
STEAM_0:1:201730217 Sammy Permanent fail name forgot
STEAM_0:0:202157774 Billy The Fridge Permanent Ban fail voted passed forgot
STEAM_0:1:57683567 mustoman800 Permanent scott order [HZ]Cpl. The Brocenary
STEAM_0:0:48197767 Lieutenant Wilson Permanent MASS RDM No Intent to roleplay get out [HZ-HERO]Sgt. Scott
STEAM_0:1:201848684 WillyWonka Permanent fail streamer forgot
STEAM_0:0:187103122 StarShip Permanent Fuck outta here [HZ]Sgt. [🔒]RickyBGamez
STEAM_0:0:75036557 Glacial_Subzero Permanent Fuck outta here [HZ]Sgt. [🔒]RickyBGamez
STEAM_0:1:23402219 Pink Fluffy Unicorn Permanent hacks detected killslick
STEAM_0:0:24098484 |NOV-RY| male_09.mdl Permanent Troll [HZ]SFC. DeerSlayer
STEAM_0:0:33355452 [HZ]FinalDethklok Permanent scum killslick
STEAM_0:0:170996733 SO WOKE Permanent DC and fail as always he does killslick
STEAM_0:0:45578630 Method« | TE Permanent Hacks found killslick
STEAM_0:1:64542024 Austin Permanent rdm killslick
STEAM_0:0:223935787 Green Permanent system found hacks killslick
STEAM_0:0:83150437 [HZ] Illusion™ Permanent talk to owner killslick
STEAM_0:0:214097963 Ovechkin Permanent alt of green killslick
STEAM_0:0:84362809 trickst3r Permanent Mass RDM | Goodbye [HZ-HERO]Sgt. USNE-4 Scott
STEAM_0:0:52974057 handikap Permanent hacks detected killslick
STEAM_0:1:150197386 zeffa Permanent Hacking then DDoS server killslick
STEAM_0:0:29016340 Actes2 Permanent scumbag paypal chargebacks killslick
STEAM_0:0:50073531 -xzcbeefda1 Permanent scum and shows killslick
STEAM_0:1:84398479 Mark Quincy Clark Permanent scum chase killslick
STEAM_0:1:185115644 Rosetta <3 Permanent Struck out [Struck Out: failrp] System
STEAM_0:0:28963143 Chase Permanent FAKE NEWS Apollyon
STEAM_0:1:68657249 Good Meme Permanent scum chase killslick
STEAM_0:0:84343347 ;knojfgsvhthshisbfghfsbhbi Permanent scum chase killslick
STEAM_0:0:42524284 Goshem Permanent scum chase killslick
STEAM_0:1:84397326 Hyperdonk Permanent scum chase killslick
STEAM_0:1:119161861 Xeno Synthesis [PERP] Permanent Charge back fraud bad history of it on google killslick
STEAM_0:1:244436994 lilfogey Permanent Zero respect and no intention to rp killslick
STEAM_0:1:230763011 Jordan Permanent failrp No Fake News
STEAM_0:1:124083854 -DFG- Rico Permanent Being a true minge like all DFG killslick
STEAM_0:0:45708387 Dipski Permanent Hacking with demo proof killslick
STEAM_0:1:104968486 MHKNZ Permanent TOS killslick
STEAM_0:0:61742672 Doge The Big Dicked Fuck Permanent Mass Rdm and Hacking killslick
STEAM_0:0:27990969 ChrisGG Permanent involved in mass rdm Say Bye frauds- watch everyone
STEAM_0:1:206675128 jon.baptist Permanent with chris and mass rdm minging killslick
STEAM_0:0:169234327 dominick Permanent Hacks and mass rdm killslick
STEAM_0:0:35169485 nooodle Permanent mass rdm and dc killslick
STEAM_0:1:54385718 Xauo Permanent Troll [HZ] [🔒]RickyBGamez
STEAM_0:0:136641350 ᶠᵘᶜᵏ ᵐᵉᵐᵉ Permanent Minge | No reason for you to be here | Punch whole spawn line [HZ] RickyStreak™
STEAM_0:0:433014453 iCloud Permanent You are done [HZ] RayDaBeast