This is not the game register page! Please read rules and agree at bottom to advance to register page.

You MUST slash ME /me to roleplay If you have a problem use /report and report it to an admin,
remember to include as much information as possible including location, what happened, and who was involved.


* Tow Truck Driver job is now working and must be towed with permission from Police/Dispatch or Vehicles Owner ONLY! -
Must Be asked in chat by police or owner for logging purposes. ALL TOWED Vehicles must be roleplayed and not respawned or risk getting banned. -
Pay your bill at tow yard to pick your vehicle up. - Breaking these rules could lead to a ban.

* RoadSpikes are fully working now DO NOT ABUSE THEM!!!.
If they are abused you may be subject to a ban.

* The Vehicle Rules are to be followed at all times. Do not run from police without a
valid reason and it must be RPed.

* Police Must drive seriously all the time and enforce traffic laws.

* Drivers must stop
for police and Serious RP at all times.

* Police must not Fail RP with roadspikes. Drivers must not fail rp with roadspikes.

Rule #1

- Do not microphone spam, or In-game chat.

- Do not spam music.

- Do not scream through the
microphone for no good reason.

- Do not advertise on our server. This includes other servers; websites; clans; or hacks.

- Complain about the server? Just leave or prepared to get banned.

Rule #2

- Do not abuse the prop system.

- No Prop blocking.*

- No Prop pushing.

- No Prop killing.

- No Prop climbing/surfing.

- No Parkour.*

- No Barricades that require crouching

* We have props to improve your game play experience.
Please don't abuse them; we wouldn't want to take them away because of one person.

* Prop Blocking is the act of taking a prop;
putting it in the way of an entrance; or several; and freezing it. * Never Block an NPC. * If in DarkRP please use a key pad and the fading
door tool so that it doesn't become prop blocking.

* Parkour is the act of traversing a surrounding environment via jumping on surrounding items. -
For that matter do not free run on roofs either; or jump off cars and or props into backyards. Unless it's your own property.

Rule #3

Do not pan handle.

- No scamming

* Pan Handling means; asking somebody for money without the intent of paying it back.

* Do not scam people out of their cash either.

* Eg. Running an event for a lottery where the winner has already been determined.

Rule #4

- Please drive on the RIGHT side, this is an AMERICAN server!

- Do not run anyone over.

- Remember to obey all the traffic laws, not doing so excessively may lead to a ban.

- Do not Jaywalk/cross the street not at crosswalks.
Doing so may lead to getting run over.

- Do not drive into another character with the intent on killing them.
Especially if they are on the correct side of the road.

- Maintain full control of your vehicle at all times,
you can be punished by the law for all violations.

- Do not kill yourself intentionally or get someone else to kill you.
Remember to roleplay it!

Rule #5

- Use /yell rather than using all caps in chat.

Try and use proper spelling and grammar as much as possible.

Rule #6

- Use /Advert solely for intent of selling
or buying products and services or to gather votes for a mayoral candidate.

- Do not make fail advertisements.

Rule #7

- Do not metagame, EVER. It will not be tolerated.

- Seeing weed clipping through the walls and then raiding them.
Or seeing it as a police and warranting them are against the rules.

- Do not use /ooc for a 911 report. Instead use /911.

- Do not warrant someone as a Police Officer because you saw a shadow from their weed, or heard them talking about it through a wall.

* Metagame is the act of using outside knowledge and applying into the game. This includes such things as: + Using chat from OOC +
Looking at props through solid walls and using this information, things such as weed is a big problem in this case. +
Looking at shadows of things through solid objects that should not cast a shadow and using this information. +
Talking on an outside source such at Teamspeak, Ventrilo, and assorted chat programs. + Above all else remember what is information that your
character would know and differentiate it from what you know.

Rule #8

- Do not Random Death Match somebody.
Otherwise known as RDM.

- Raids must be conducted in a group and not alone, the raider must also have a base.

You must have a legitimate RP reason to raid.*

- Do not commit crimes in front of NPCs.

You must have some sort of good reason to raid someone such as seeing their drugs, hearing them talk about having drugs,
or other RP reasons.

Rule #9

- Do not break the New Life Rule; other wise known as "NLR".

- When you die from somebody pretend you have no memory of what happened and go on with your life as if it's a new one.

- If you died whilst raiding somebody and they killed you; do not return to seek vengeance on them.

Do not go back to where you died until the raid is over (ask in ooc if over).

- If not a raid then wait at least 5 min. NO LESS!!

- Do Not Raid ever as Medic don't be involved in raids as Medic.

- If you are a cop, you may return after 15+ minutes if you get a call
back via. radio. Do not go back right away.

- Do not use your radio/cell phone/org chat for 15+ minutes after you die for things you discussed previously.
(This is up to the discretion of the admins)

- If you are a cop, do not finish off other players.

- Do not talk while unconscious.

- You can not raid the same person more than once per hour.

- You may also only raid once every 20 minutes.

- Do not shoot through doors or walls while raiding, unless you have a legitimate reason such as seeing them through a window.

Rule #10

- Remember to go along with fearRP.

- Do not randomly punch people without any intent.
Fist fights are perfectly fine; but do not go around punching walls and people's cars.

- Don't Punch other players for no reason/punch whoring.

Rule #11

- Do not fail demote as a mayor.

- If you feel someone needs to be demoted, contact the mayor or other members of the community.


Boomer - "cheezit is Random arresting people without a real reason; mayor please demote him.".

Boomer -
"cheezit is rdming Civilians without any reason. Mayor please demote him.".

Rule #12

- Do not power game.*

*Power gaming is where you take absolute control of a situation and do not allow any leeway. Eg: "Cheez knocks out Boomer"

- Remember to use /roll**

**Eg. "Boomer attempts to tie up cheez" both players /roll.

Rule #13

- Do not build on the top of roofs that you parkoured up to.

- Do not grow weed on top of roofs you don't own either.

- You can grow in unowned property.

Rule #14

- Job Jumping is never allowed

Remember to actually do your jobs when you are holding a possition. Negligence while in a position can lead to a possible blacklist.

Rule #15

- Do not AFK whilst under any government job. We will blacklist you for it.

- Break all ties with your organization when you take a government job.

- Do not fail spike, only use road spikes if another cop coordinates it with you. Be sure to RP it.

- Do not patrol as the Medic unless on call,
Tow Truck Driver,
You can be called in. * Firefighters can Patrol to keep fires down.

Rule #16

- Do not attempt to crash the server.
If we catch you we will permanently ban you and report you to the FBI.

Rule #17

- Do not lock spam a door.

Example: When somebody is attempting to lock pick your door and you unlock it and lock it over, and over again.

Do not continuously knock on doors. It's quite annoying and we will take action.

Rule #18

- Do not buy property without the intent of using it.

- Property that is used as a decoy is prohibited.

- Do not ask someone to enter your house with the intent of locking them inside and selling the property afterwards.

- Sell buildings after you're done with them.

- Do not sell your property during the raid.

- Do not grow on government property.

Rule #19

- The mayor can be assassinated if for serious reason and only serious reason and must be in a roleplay manor;


Boomer-" As the mayor the tax rate is now 35% "

That's so stupid; this must be stopped. Let's find the mayor and put an end to his reign!"

Rule #20

- Do not use a firetruck or Swat
Truck solely for pushing aside vehicles.

- All vehicles must yield to Government vehicles!

- This is what the tow truck driver is for.

Rule #21

* The use of an 'Anti-AFK' script will result in a ban.

Rule #22

- Use /ooc for out of character events.

- If there is an admin get in touch with them using /report. If not please make a demo of it and post it on our forum.

Rule #23

- Do not glitch yourself underneath the map or into otherwise inaccessible areas this also means crouch glitching which is not allowed.

Rule #24

- Do not use your sirens outside of emergencies.

- You may not use them to bypass traffic laws outside of an emergency.

Rule #25

- Do not cause fires in inaccessible areas.

Rule #26

- Hacking; scripting; or Botting will result in a permanent ban.

Rule #27

- We will not tolerate disrespect to anyone on our server.

Rule #28

- Listen to commands given from a Swat member; Police officer or an Admin.

Rule #29

- Do not sell products in front of public areas without permission
of the cops or mayor if available.

- Make sure to sell products only with a truck you own nearby or at a store you own.

Rule #1337

- Please try your hardest to roleplay as often as possible. It makes our job much easier.

- There may be some unwritten rules, but listen to all the
admins on the sever and make sure to follow their rules.

- Above all else, enjoy playing on the server and remember to respect other people's desire to do the same.