The Guilded Ones Organization Channel

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The Guilded Ones Organization Channel
« on: June 30, 2012, 01:24:45 PM »
The Guilded Ones Organization Channel. Post anything regarding our org.

What is your in game name? :

What, if any, is your VIP status? :

Are you over the age of 13? :

What server are you usually on (Lite/Serious 1/3)? :

Are you a good RP'er? :

What rank in HZ, if any, are you? :

How would you fit in to the ORG? :

What are you best at (Raiding, Growing, etc..)? :

Are you active in TS, and do you have a mic? :

Are you active in PERP? And how often are you on?

[HZ]Pfc. DemonicPankake - General (Recruitment Manager)
[HZ]Pfc. ttdog007 - Major General (Recruitment Officer)
[HZ]Pfc. Devin the Dude - First Sergeant (Recruitment Manager)
[HZ]Pfc. Buckwurds - First Sergeant (Recruitment Officer