Unban Request For Mass RDM ecoguymad

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Unban Request For Mass RDM ecoguymad
« on: March 17, 2013, 12:32:02 PM »
Dear Admin

Please unban me because I feel it is unfair that I was banned for mass RDM when I was Being RDMed continuously by The same people. The reason for my mass shooting (which I now realize was wrong) was because of the rdming that took place. When I sent in a ticket no admins came for over an hour and I continued to get killed. After a while I got so annoyed from being killed I went around and killed all of them. As soon as I did this Killslick came over and banned me. I feel If an admin came When I reported this problem this would nether of happened. I also believe If I had been listened to I may not of got banned.

I think a ban for over a year is way over the top and I am very angry as i had just paid $15 for gold VIP. Please give me a second chance because I think I have learnt my lesson and would like to continue playing on your fabulous server (I mean that else I wouldn't  of donated). So Please Unban me so I can prove to you I can RP.

Now I come back to my post that I posted over one month ago and find out I'm Permanently banned I would please like to know why I've been moved to the Permanent Bans as I have done nothing wrong since I was banned. Please get back to me as I am really Angry that I will never be Able to Play my Favorite game mode that I donated to.

James Holbrook

Re: Unban Request For Mass RDM ecoguymad
« Reply #1 on: March 17, 2013, 12:53:37 PM »
Unban Request (Global Ban):

SERVER: <hellzone perp>

Your Roleplay Name: <James Holbrook>

Your STEAM Name: <ecoguymad>


ADMIN: <Killslick>

LENGTH OF BAN: It was a year but now Permanently

WHY: <The above post.>

HOW LONG?: <One year>