Admin Application For Captain Breakfast

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Admin Application For Captain Breakfast
« on: October 19, 2013, 10:48:49 AM »
Ingame name : Stan Renzo

First Name : Jake

STEAMID : STEAM_0:1:36506186

STEAM Page Link :

Are you over 13? : Yes, Born 1995

Spoken Languages : English

VIP, If what rank : Yes, Gold

Microphone : Yes

Timezone : Mountain (Canada)

What can I do to make the server better : Enforce rules and help new players learn them.

Previous admin experience : Owned a server for a short while, Admin on ThatDarkRPServer also admin on BYB

Why do I think I will be accepted : I think i will be accepted because i have had 2 years+ experience on the server, and already enforce correct RP/game-play when i can.

Issues I have with the server, personal and common : aah, nothing really, its great.

Super Powers: (Aka. what do you do best) : (Don't really know how to answer this question so im going to wing it) - i am very friendly and understanding, i am good at helping others and encouraging a good time. I take pride in my ability to learn fast and accomplish the task at hand.

Others :