EVOCITY2: New map for PERP

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EVOCITY2: New map for PERP
« on: February 23, 2014, 05:09:37 AM »
Evocity two is awesome

Since you have been trying out new maps, I was wondering why you have never used Evocity2.

This map is the greatest evocity ever made, approximately 3x bigger, this is perfect for RP with large amounts of people connecting such as hellzone. The map also has layers (hills) Which unlike the other evocities this makes the map a lot more realistic. This would mean such a lot to me as the only reason I don't play anymore is cause I hate the new map.

Evocity2 Contains everything in the previous maps such as the bank, Shops, Nexas and much more including moving trains, moving cranes, farmyards and lots of new buildings. It still has the areas such as industrial, Suburbs, country and the main city. So please give it a go. It would be awesome!!!