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Robert Rob application
« on: June 01, 2014, 03:00:21 PM »
Ingame name : Robert Rob (AKA Hunter Mick)

First Name : Mathew

STEAMID : STEAM_0:1:31521760

STEAM Page Link :

Are you over 13? : Yes (18)

Spoken Languages : Arabic / English

VIP, If what rank : Gold VIP

Microphone : Yes

Timezone :
(UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)

What can I do to make the server better : Enforce the rules better, keep the minges away, and keep the server in great population.

Previous admin experience:
Owned several small servers(PERP/DArkRP/Sandbox/TTT/SAMP/CSS/Etc..)
Superadmin on 2 servers (PERP/DarkRP)
Admin on all kinds of servers/games (SAMP, CSS, GMOD, TF2, and more)
Mainly been in developer rank too, used to code a bit.

Why do I think I will be accepted:
I been with Hellzone clan since 2011. Yeah maybe I have 1 week of time, but I been in and out in times. But in those many years, I been good friends with killslick and some previous admins. Yeah I'm sure im not the only one, but I most diffidently am a dedicated player.

Issues I have with the server, personal and common :
I have lots of issues with the servers, its just hard to explain and list them all. Yes I break the rules now and then, its just me being paranoid about everything. Yeah I spam reports begging for a admin, for all my reasons. I'm always the one getting the most punishment for the actions I've done. But hey, what can I do about now, take the ban and get over with it. The most common is, why doesn't much action get taken in most serious scenarios. Yes sure everybody will learn from that mistake, but know what? I like the lay the rules down and make sure they most differentially understand.

Super Powers: (Aka. what do you do best) : Keep everyone happy, play fair, and get to people when they need one.

Others: I may suck at grammar, I may break rules now and then, and I most differently don't seem that right guy for being an admin. But giving me a chance doesn't hurt.

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Robert Rob application
« on: June 01, 2014, 03:00:21 PM »