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: HL2:RP Server [HZ]
: The Donowitz January 01, 2012, 07:19:51 PM
Just wanted to say, I love the community, and the amount of people you get in this server.
Although im not active alot, I have been around your perp alot, and your HL2:RP.
I have played many HL2:RP server's, and many other kind of Open Aura Source game mods.

The reason I am making this topic today is that, I think the RP in the server is a little Non-Serious, and that admins do not care much.

I know this is probably going to affend alot of people, and im going to get a alot of hate comments and hate ingame, but please, do not take affence. I enjoy your server and community alot, and im just making this topic to HELP you guys or atleast give you suggestions on making it BETTER!

Some complaints ive seen said in OOC that go un heard by the 3 or 5 admins usually on are,
That people (MPF-Combine Officers) are POWERGAMING.
Now, this happens a whole lot in your server, as im playing right now, Ive seen many powergames. On myself and other players.
Now, this isn't your normal powergame when a punch whore starts to hit a MPF and the MPF just shoots him. That is VOIDED obviously. This is your serious roleplay. Ive seen a guy, that the MPF were arresting, and they just simply started to beat him.
An other thing ive seen fail, is s2m. If you dont know what s2m is, you are new to HL2:RP. If you dont know what it is and your a MPF, please ask an admin to remove your MPF priviledges.

Now, I was running away from a MPF soldier, and he pulled out his gun with NO rp. (/me pulls out gun) He/She did not do something like that and then started to run after me shooting!! With no S2M! It was complete bullshit, cause if your walking and trying to shoot it's extremely hard obviously, and also he . she did not RP shooting the rounds. After, I got caught, she/he decided just to shoot me in the head with no RP what so ever.

An other thing ive seen in game is that there are not alot of detainment's happening or executions. Like sure, ive seen public executions all the time.
If a guy has a book he just gets shot in public. They dont drag him to the torture chair in the CP.
Noone's ever thought of that on this server I think.

An other thing Ive seen is the OTA running around the slums and shit, and running around the city. An OTA is like a juggaunt. He's only called when needed. So let's say a rebel ran into slums. THEN! You get an OTA. Or lets say there's a shooting. Shit like that, not just to dispurse a crowd.

Now, I can go on and on but I dont want to. Just please keep a strict hands about these rules.
Punch whore = ban. Obviously trolling.
Powergame = Warning/Kick/BAN
Shit like that.

If a MPF keeps fail rp'ing, then fucking remove his MPF character!
Get rid of the bad rp'ers! There's alot of good rp'rs in this server!
I dont want all of them to leave!
: Re: HL2:RP Server [HZ]
: The Donowitz January 01, 2012, 07:24:20 PM
For some reason it wont let me apply for MPF.
I would love to become one on this server, and show people some good rp.