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Trampo's Admin Application
« on: November 05, 2011, 11:45:59 AM »
Ingame name : Trampo / Tyree Parker

First Name : Jayceon

STEAMID : STEAM_0:1:33125376

STEAM Page Link :

Are you over 13? : Yes, I am seventeen years old.

Spoken Languages : I speak all English fluently. Tambien, Yo Hablo espanol. (Also, I speak spanish.)

VIP, If what rank : Gold VIP (Soon Diamond, I hope)

Microphone : Yes.

Timezone : -6:00 GMT

What can I do to make the server better :Well, not to be too blatant, but i'm usually on when it's like me and Killslick on the server with some other rulebreakers. This isn't bad but when theres a load of RDM calls and all these reports to file i doubt he or any other admin on has time to file through them all. I enjoy PERP, i like to grow, i like to play as a police, but what I can offer you is an admin who takes this seriously and can help file through all of these reports and set a good reputation for the team as a whole. I expect no friendliness from anyone, but just another admin would help a lot.

Previous admin experience : SA-MP Serious Roleplay server LS-RP Tester and PR-RP Administrator, along with Stunt Planet's Head Administrator and in charge of Faction Approval. Garry'smod Admin Experience : Revos DarkRP server Senior Administrator.

Why do I think I will be accepted : Well not to say your in dire need of administrators but I have not seen too many on at the times i've been on lately and thats not a problem. I am a mature guy with plenty to offer the admin team including a calm personality. I never cuss unless i'm joking around or something.

Issues I have with the server, personal and common : I have no problems with the personal/social life, no common problems unless its like people trolling or something but thats not really a problem. The only issue I carry with the server is it's DDOS'ers.

Super Powers: (Aka. what do you do best) : The best things I do is probably with fair judgement and getting reports completed. Some of the worst things im at is getting someone to calm down and not do something stupid, but that shouldn't be my fault that they're raging in the first place.

Others : Uhh, nothing much. Pick me? lol.

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Trampo's Admin Application
« on: November 05, 2011, 11:45:59 AM »