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The Brotherhood Revived!
« on: November 30, 2011, 11:30:57 PM »

The Brotherhood Is back and is growing in numbers day by day!

The Brotherhood is based on a gang that does anything and will do anything in their paths to make money cause havoc, and of course be the baddest of them all!

What we do: As the leader of The Brotherhood we do as much as mugging someone to protecting Citizens from being raided, but at the max is growing making loads of cash, and then comes raiding which always consists of over 7 people during a raid.

Raiding: When it comes to raiding it's the best people in the Gang to go and and cause havoc on peoples houses whether or not it's from shooting up the place, or to moltoving the building so it isn't usable.

Gang Wars: When the time comes everyone has to step up for their own Gang/Mafia, but when The Brotherhood has to step up and defend their Turf it will happen and revenge will come back to haunt you when we are on your door steps dropping everyone that gets in their way!

Protection: The Brotherhood has started to offer from protection to Citizens to protect them not just from The Brotherhood, but also all those other Raiders that try to get their Marijuana, so The Brotherhood offers anyone who is willing to pay $10,000 Ingame we will protect them for 24 hours. This may seem Insane, but it actually does make you profit if your guarded by the Elite Gang.

Recruitment: Alot of people may ask how would one Attempt to join The Brotherhood? Well for those who do wonder it's not as simple as you would think you must get on good terms with the 3 leaders which will be located on another link soon enough, or you must be trusted by 5 Members.

HangOuts: Many of The Brotherhoods Familiar Spots would be At the MTL, Suburban housing Area, Penthouse Apartments, or at the Whole Industrial Area.

Rivals: Trust me you don't ever want to be a rival with "The Brotherhood" it isn't what you would like to see bloodshed unleashed all over the city, Many may ask who are rivals are and we don't have that many except Cookie Raid Which trys to think they can demolish are structure, but keep making it stronger and stronger everyday.

TeamSpeak: To be part of The Brotherhood we now Require that you get into the Hellzone Teamspeak and be in Our channel when we are in the server.

Aliiances: Alliances can be approved by only the leader of The Brotherhood which is Tyga. If you are interested in having a alliance you will be avoided during raids, and be aloud to grow with The Brotherhood.

If you have any questions about The Brotherhood feel free to contact me ingame, or contact me using steam.

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The Brotherhood Revived!
« on: November 30, 2011, 11:30:57 PM »