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[HZ]Pvt. Aztec admin application
« on: May 02, 2013, 02:15:14 PM »
[COLOR="#FF0000"]Ingame name :[/COLOR] Sebastian Williams

[COLOR="#FF0000"]First Name :[/COLOR] Sebastian

[COLOR="#FF0000"]STEAMID :[/COLOR] STEAM_0:1:20135242

[COLOR="#FF0000"]STEAM Page Link :[/COLOR]

[COLOR="#FF0000"]Are you over 13? :[/COLOR] Yes im 15

[COLOR="#FF0000"]Spoken Languages :[/COLOR] Danish and English

[COLOR="#FF0000"]VIP, If what rank :[/COLOR] I bought gold vip for some days ago now :)

[COLOR="#FF0000"]Microphone :[/COLOR] Yes i have a Steelseries headset

[COLOR="#FF0000"]Timezone :[/COLOR] I live in the timezone GMT +1

[COLOR="#FF0000"]What can I do to make the server better :[/COLOR] Well im from Denmark so i would be able to be online most of the time when the us admin are not online because we got different timezones, so i would be able to help ppl when the us admins are sleeping. And i will try to resolve report's asap.

[COLOR="#FF0000"]Previous admin experience :[/COLOR] I have been admin on many many css servers, minecraft and also some gmod servers. I have also owned alot of different servers and helped ppl setting their own up. So i already know how to control the admin and use it.

[COLOR="#FF0000"]Why do I think I will be accepted :[/COLOR] I think im able to be accepted because im playing alot on the perp server and i also spent a lot of time on the teamspeak server talking with all the other players. And i know when i am not allowed to help with the admin powers(example. Im falling down from a ladder and die then im not allowed to revive myself).

[COLOR="#FF0000"]Issues I have with the server, personal and common :[/COLOR] cmd'ers rdm'ers, minges, ppl there is spamming ooc with "admin come help" "admin i got stuck" etc.

[COLOR="#FF0000"]Super Powers: (Aka. what do you do best) :[/COLOR] I like to rp'ing and im good to understand and solve persons problem like "this person rdm me" and then hear both of the persons story. When im on the server i usually answer a questions from other players when they ask i ooc.

[COLOR="#FF0000"]Others :[/COLOR] I really like to hang out and play/talk with all of the other members in the Hellzone clan :). And im willing to offer my spare time to help the server.

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[HZ]Pvt. Aztec admin application
« on: May 02, 2013, 02:15:14 PM »