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Unban request
« on: November 15, 2013, 06:43:11 PM »
SERVER: Hellzone (PERP) #1

Your Roleplay Name: Fransisco Ortiz

Your STEAM Name: Chief

REASON: "Glitching"

ADMIN: (Not sure, he was invisible)


WHY: Bassicly I used the VIP Customization car glitch to get my car, I was farming like usual (The loft) and parkd my car in front of the bank (Safe zone) I'm usually AFK while farming (Watching a show, movie ect. so I didn't realise someone stole my car then crashed it) but when I was done farming I go back to the bank and see my car is missing, I go to the car dealer next to the Sky Scrapper and it's gone (I though an admin had removed my car for some reason) so I start walking out of the city and I see it it's disabled. I get somewhat upset knowing there's around 5 admin at the time and none of them where at the city or nocliping threw the city (YOu can hear an alarm when picking a car) anyways I was upset since someone stole my car so I go to the car dealer without thinking and just do the glitch as the easy way out. (I know you might say "Why not call a tow truck or wait for one, if you play a lot you might see tow trucks don't usually get on at night (Mountain time) and rarely many players (10-25) so I just go ahead and glitch is. After I do the glitch an admin gets me, takes me to the roof and say "What did you just do? Be honest" so I just straight up say "I did the car glitch" and we have a short talk (Him telling me not to do it and how next time it can lead to temp. ban so I just say "sorry" and as a punishment he gets my car (And warnd me) and crashes it in the same place so Im just like "Thats okay ill just walk" so I start to walk and another admin comes to me and say "Didn't I warn you about this or someone in your org about this a couple of days ago?" So I just say "I honestly don't know" since I can't really keep on eye on what they're doing. Next thing I see is him nocliping across the map, coming 5-10 seconds later and just stands there. I get slayed and he puts something like "You have been perma banned for glitching :D" Something like that, I remember the face which was a bit rude. I'm terribly sorry for glitching this and I'm %100 sure it won't happen again with me, I have learned my lesson. Just that day I had finally reached 1.1 mill and was 70k away from 1.2 mill so I could get the GTR, I played a lot to get my 800k car and diamond VIP, it would be a shame if all that time went to nothing and it is all lost. I don't understand how I was "Warnedd before" if that even was me and get perma banned the second time. I would of expected something like a 2 day ban not just an insta ban as the second warning. Like I said, I'm sorry for this and it won't happdn again, I just want to enjoy the server and keep on playing. I don't want to loose the diamond vip, almost 2 mill and the $25 I donated. I'm sorry.

Thanks for your time. Have a good day! :)

P.S. the VIP car dealer customizer is some what useless knowing that there already is one (None VIP one), or you can just add a line (In the addon) so your car has to be near when you want to customize it.

HOW LONG?: Permanent ban.

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Unban request
« on: November 15, 2013, 06:43:11 PM »