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General Discussion / Smirky abusing
« on: May 04, 2019, 02:57:31 PM »
On 3/05/2019 I joined the server and was new to roleplay entirely, i was greeted by Smirky, telling me to "get the fuck out of my bunks fuck off" after i was exploring. I said "Stop shouting mate idek what im doing" and he replies "wtf is your problem fuck off, im calling staff if you dont" so i wont lie, i insulted him, calling me a prick and says hes brain damaged. Which i got warned for and punished for. Fair enough i was out of line for being mean but come on, im new idek whats going on and hes telling me to fuck off. And then today i logged on with intent to roleplay. But i joined today and line up in a tryout, then smirky drags me into a sit for NO REASON i was just stood in a line for a tryout. Then i couldnt hear anything because the helicopters were so loud. I asked him what hes doing and said "you're abusing i havent done anything wrong" and he kicked me. I join back and he just bans me straight away?! I did nothing wrong, this guy is clearly not fit to be staff/

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